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What We Have to Offer

Serving All Your Beauty Related Needs

Yazz Hunni was founded by Stylist Educator Tameka Davis. She knew at a early age that doing hair and educating others Is what she was meant to do. She attended a number of cosmetology schools not because she was indecisive but because different schools in different areas educated their students differently. As an Educator and Stylist she had numerous of clients come to her seeking help with their damaged hair. Upon regrowing and getting her clients hair back into a healthy state; She decided to focus more not only educating her clients about the causes of damaged hair but also coming up with a line of products that helps correct damaged hair while making the hair healthier and promoting growth.


Hair Care Products

Yazz Hunni offers clients beauty products at jaw-dropping rates. We’ve got an impressive stock waiting for you. If you’re looking for something specific but haven’t found it on our site, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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